Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The bluebottle.

A few days ago I read the book given by Mif, Ain and Tiqah as my birthday present, and I stumbled upon a very interesting analogy written by the author. Oh by the way, it's The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern :)

Ok biar kali ini cerita guna bahasa rojak sket. Have you ever heard of bluebottles? Bluebottle ni sejenis lalat. Kalau tak tahu jugak, rujuk gambaq di bawah.

So yeah, back to our story. The snippet from the novel was actually about the character observing a flying bluebottle. Pernah tengok tak kalau lalat teperangkap dalam rumah, and then it keeps flying towards the window and keeps on hitting itself because it thinks the window glass is transparent? Pernah tengok kan? It will keep on flying like it was under a panic attack, nak escape. And then we tried to slide the window open and help it get out, but it keeps flying away from us as if we're trying to catch it. Well, here's what's written in the book I read;

"I wonder if my watching him (the bluebottle) from the armchair is what it's like to be God, if there is a God. He sits back and sees the big picture, just as I could see that if the bluebottle just moved up the window to the top, then he'd be free. He wasn't trapped at all, he was just looking at the wrong place.."
The Book of Tomorrow, Cecelia Ahern. Pg 12.(eceh siap bagi page lagi)

So basically, in whatever crappy stuff we're facing in life, know that Allah always sees the big picture, very much the same as we see the way out for the bluebottle. The only problem is we don't normally see the solution, sama macam lalat tu. Tau terbang merata-rata tapi tak jumpa jalan keluar. When there's a problem, the first action would be panic, macam lalat tu jugak. Maybe you're not like that, but for me, I acted out gelabah at even simple tiny miny problem. God helps us in many ways, but sometimes we're too busy panicking and contemplating that we pushed His helping hand away. Sama macam lalat tu, we tried helping him to get out but it keeps on flying awayyy from us. We weren't trapped at all, instead, we always look for solutions at the wrong place :)

Eh, ke macam pening je post ni. Dah la panjang gila. Sorry peeps. I just find that particular snippet, interesting.
roger n out!