Thursday, October 07, 2010

October 5th, 2010.

What's so special about this day? Nothing special. Just another miserable troublemaker freak was added to the world 20 years ago :)

This post would be long and wordy and I bet whoever drop by would never make it to the end. Nak bet? Seploh euro. Haha

Have you ever feel a point in life where you are at your most vulnerable edge. I think I am. Because I used to think of how happy I am back then, and how happy I am now. It’s like looking at two totally different people. It’s not like I am upset with life or anything. Heyy if I’m upset I give you the authority to smack me in the head and tell me, “Woi kau ni tak bersyukur ke apa?”. Because everything I have now, I must say they’re all perfect. I have God to hold on to, I have people who love me, I have friends who care. So apa yang kurang lagi. Mengada betul la kalau tak bersyukur. The last few days have proven it all, I don’t really know how to describe how fun it is to have friends like mine around. How strong and happy they make me feel. People spending hours of their time coming over to cook for my little party, buy me presents, planning stuffs, spending money to play laser tag yang super best jerit sampai keluar anak tekak main tembak2. Eh bukan nak kata suka presents, tapi terharu la. Haha. Gosh. Just look at how committed everyone is to an entity called friendship. Ajak je, datang. Malam birthday tu insan penuh emosi ini dah rasa down gilaa sebab ada makhluk jahat curi bike seat lepas tu dah sedih sebab the whole day everyone was missing and I was alone loitering all over campus. Balik-balik tengok, tadaaa. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Haa tu la kau nak emosi sangat, kan dah malu. The next day lovely people from Rifa’ and Rufaida’ baked a cake with IKA on it ohhh tak boleh sweet lagi ke. Siap suruh follow the trail of lilin turun tangga. Ala-ala romantika. Hehe. All in all, how can I be upset when lovely and fun people surround me all the time :) Ok that was what happened on my birthday. Moral of the story is NEVER feel like no one cares about you when there always were. God won’t leave you alone and take away all the love from you kan? Alhamdulillah thank you Allah bagi saya kawan yang best :D

all the foooddd. nyum nyum

birthday cake sedappp :D

baked macaroni and cheesecake. sweet kan :)

Promises made should never be broken. Because when that happens, the only thing that breaks is not the promise, but also the heart and the person owning it. If I promise to change as I turned 20, then I should try my best not to break that promise. You too. The only thing I regretted most on my birthday, was to hurt someone who cares for me the most. Please know that I really feel bad after acting stupid and irrational. Some say that if a person can’t handle you at your worst, then they certainly don’t deserve you at your best. It’s amazing how a person can be so patient talking to an emotional wreck like me. I promise that, that moment is my worst and my last stupid act, and you certainly deserve me at my best (:

And of course, on birthdays, yang paling layak menerima sesalan adalah yang Maha Penyayang Maha Pengampun. Rasa malu pulak celebrate 20 tahun yang Dia bagi tapi apalah sangat yang dah dibuat dalam masa 20 tahun tu. Masak cucur ikan bilis pun tak lepas.huh. Okay cucur ikan bilis taklah significant tapi kalau makan petang2 cicah sos linggam sambil minum teh panas, sedapla jugak. Huhu

And to Mama and Abah, thank you for coping with a daughter like me who always trouble you to finish homework, and send to tuitions, and tucking into bed, and cook delicious food, and teach me driving, and the list goes on to eternity. I love you to the moon and heaven :)

Eh you did read until the very end? Haha sorry seploh euro tadi lawak je. Sila jangan tuntut. Anyways hope you get the message, that there're always people who love you and willing to do anything to make you happy. And this kind of people, is certainly one of a kind :) Lucky, God gave them to me.

I love you peeps!


iman k.a said...

yep. i did read till the end :)

zulaikhazainol said...

kesian iman you have to bear with my blabbering till the end. haha
anyway I miss your writing :)