Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Judge a book by its cover?

Why do I have to post something when the super-scary neuroanatomy exam is tomorrow morning?

Simple. Sebab stressss lah tengok gambar hotak kau. Eh tak baik cakap 'hotak kau!'. Ok fine stress la having to look at the brain, the brain, and the brain again. If I were to puke now, I must've puke the brain out. Seriously. Ceh bajet je macam la dah banyak sangat study.

Actually I planned to share this ages ago. But being the procrastinator me, here we go. One day my dearest kakak shared about something I can't remember. But what I remember is the story during the era of our Prophet Muhammad. During a war, as the Muslims were winning over the Kuffar, those who choose to embrace Islam through reciting Syahadah will not be killed. So many of the Kuffar started embracing Islam at that instant moment. However, there is this one story of a Kafir, whose neck was at the tip of the sword of one of our Prophet's companion. He immediately shouted the Syahadah, but the Prophet's companion thought it was merely his trick to escape death. So he ended up cutting the man's head off. The Prophet saw this and immediately advised his companion, that who are we to judge how pure one's intention is. Even if the Kafir he killed did not really want to embrace Islam, it's not within our hands to judge him.

The story's lacking details here and there. Tak ingat perang apa and sahabat yang mana. Cinderella and Snow White kau ingat je kan.Teruk.(-.-'). Sorryy.

This story is related to a few incidents experienced by my friends and I. Some of my friends were on the bus back home, and a lady was watching them with a face full of hatred (maybe because of the hijab and so forth), and seemed to be cursing under her breath. The first reaction would normally be retaliation, us cursing the lady back silently in our heart ( wey makcik ni apesal pandang2). But going back to the previous story, Rasulullah suruh bersangka baik. Tak payah sibuk-sibuk nak judge orang.Mungkin makcik itu sedang curse orang lain (-.-") Aaaaa I judged people all the time,

'die ni apsal pakai tudung tak sama ngan baju',
'die ni apsal cakap kuat sangat nak bagi satu lecture hall dengar'
'die ni apsal buat kerja lambat sangat'
'die ni apsal taknak cakap ngan aku'

and the list goes on forever. Ok contoh taklah relevant sangat but yeah, kinda related.
Mari semua husnuzon dengan yang lain. Dalam bahasa ibunda, bersangka baik.

Back to studying hotakkau. Eh silap. The brain. Allah's magnificent creation ;)
Pretty people, please pray for me and the rest for neuro okeh.

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