Friday, October 29, 2010

Weather permitting.

I was about to enter my apartment when this notice was pasted on the big blue door.

Window and outer cleaning will commence tomorrow, Thursday 28th October 2010. Weather permitting.

Pastu boleh pulak terfikir, kenapa weather permitting why not God willing or inshaAllah? hahaha
Because we put so much dependence on stuff other than God, and from that notice, the weather determines everything.

But on the other hand, for the workers, obviously they cannot work if it rains all day. How to clean windows kalau hujan.Plus, when you live in Ireland, you know how much weather can affect you. hahaha. Lagipun, non-muslim Irish mana faham inshaAllah tu ape. But still, cute tak kalau dia tulis God willing? ok dah ika banyak pulak bebel. Isu penggunaan perkataan je pun. huh

This is just a silly random thought that came across my mind on the way back home from stressful lectures yang banyak gila slides tunggu masa nak habis je.