Sunday, January 31, 2010


If all inhabitants of the Earth only think about themselves, then nobody would care about what happened in Palestine, in Haiti, and even daily matters revolving around them.

"..the United Nations sought extra peacekeepers to bolster security in earthquake-shattered Haiti on Monday as marauding looters emptied wrecked shops and tens of thousands of survivors waited desperately for food and medical care."-globalmontreal, 19Jan2010.

"Egypt is sinking a metal barrier into the ground to cut off supply tunnels between its border and the Gaza Strip. The passages are Gaza's main supply route." -skynews, 6Jan2010.

"Rabu lalu, empat kepala babi hutan yang dibungkus dalam empat beg plastik beras ditemui di dua masjid di Petaling Jaya selepas solat Subuh. "-beritaharianonline, 1Feb2010.

"An Australian volunteer may have lost 25 years of her life chronicles as a volunteer among orphans in Timor Leste after her handbag was snatched at a shopping mall here on Tuesday."-thestaronline, 31Jan2010.

Maybe the looters in Haiti forgot that people are in dire need of food. Maybe Egypt forgot that for their brothers in Gaza, food and weapons to protect the Palestinian are terribly scarce. Maybe the one who put the wild boar's heads in the mosques forgot about respect and sensitivity to religion. Maybe the snatch thief forgot that so much trouble will arise if you lost your important documents.

Maybe we are all too busy with our own interest.
Oh maybe not you, maybe it's just me. I think about myself too much lately.

Jual ikan, as they would say.

When a good friend told me about his social environment in the place he lives, how normal it would be to have sex before marriage, how casually they would think that it's not a sin, he started thinking about his responsibility, and I have to start thinking about mine.

The world grew older, the problems get bigger. And one day our Creator will ask on what we have done to face those problems. Whether we have done something, or nothing at all.

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