Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From where I stand.

Two weeks since I arrived on the 1st of September.
Two weeks since I had my last buka puasa with the family.
Two weeks since I left the place I have trodden for the last 18 years.
Two weeks since I packed the hopes and love of the ones I care,
hope it's enough for a 8-months supply.

Met the housemates, two Irish girls Stephanie and Elle, and Germaine from Singapore.

Had fun sharing the pineapple tarts and the mini popiah with Steph, which was later commented as spicy. ;p

Experienced the first blackout, as a result of not topping up the electricity meter.

Went over the moon on the first Skype session with mama.

Had problems with the heater, no idea how it works at first.

Joined the very first Chinese class, with zero knowledge of Mandarin.

Cooked an unknown chicken dish, which was later disposed. yucks.

Tried cooking a very diluted curry, with many "compliments" from those who consumed it. (which I know utk sedapkan hati sahaja. haha )

Finished the first 2 jars of kuih raya, unfortunately.

Two weeks of experience, millions more to come.

I missed everyone and everything already, but Dublin has its way to put the homesickness at bay. =)

"Ika, jga diri elok2"
"Gud luck leka..all the best 4 u"
"Ika, take care tau!! xmo sdey2"
"Ika. Babai!"
"X pcaye u're leavin tmrw"
"Ko jgn lupe bwk bendera"
"gud luck weyh..do your best..rindu ang....jaga diri... "
"selamat berangkat.semoga selamat n lancar perjalanan semuanya.
doa org sedang musafir ni mustajab"
"japg syahdu plak kamu d perantauan :)) "
"Have a safe trip & have a blast!"

"Ingatlah yang ianya adalah pemberian ALLAH dan tentunya banyak hikmah disebaliknya…Gunalah peluang ini dgn sebaik2nya, untuk mengaut sebanyak mana pengajaran & pengalaman utk membantu umat manusia dimasa hadapan.."- My Sifu <3

Doakan perjalanan kali ini, diiringi kekuatan dan ketenangan hati.

Sayang everyone!