Friday, August 07, 2009

Fulus pitih pesos.

Money makes the world go round round round. I had to agree on this. Ka-chinggg.
I hate troubling and burning a hole in others' pockets, especially those two great people I adore.
But somehow, I had to.

Funny how they say money can't buy happiness.

Lets say; B is dying of a chronic liver disease and needs a transplant. B has money, B undergoes surgery, B saved. B's family happy. Money matters. Ka-chingg.

Another one; D is unemployed. D has 3 small kids. D won lottery. D has money. D buys food, kids not starving. D happy. Again, money matters. Ka-chingg.

Maybe another one; N is a smart girl, but no money for education. One day, N got scholarship, N graduates from college, N successful, N helps change her family's fate. Lalalala. Money matters. Ka-chingg.

Maybe money can't really buy happiness. But maybe in a way it can. Maybe because if the quote sounds like this; Money can buy happiness, then there would probably be a lot of unhappy people in the world. After all, not everyone in the world has money and is filthy rich. Maybe very few were born with a big fat silver spoon in their mouth.

Old lappy had now turned really really old with its broken limb and all. New lappy would cost a lot, and even though I love JPA, I have to say that no lappy allowance is really testing my love for you.

This month and maybe next month too, a whole lot of $$ will be burned.Clothes, bags, books, laptops. Flying is not a piece of cake I guess.


adlan wafi said...


i don't wanna fly...not the right time

Kodok said...

Happiness is very subjective dear.. Mankind was created with greed inherited..
It is a test by the Creator..
Thus how much money one needs depends on how greedy one is..
Happiness on the other hand depends on how grateful one is accepting the will of the Creator..

zulaikhazainol said...

yup adlan, hi-5! haha

to Kodok
why thank you for the comment. indeed i couldn't agree more =)

NaMa SaYa ErNi!!! said...

i couldnt agree more. sekarang ni, no money no talk. nak fly pon kena kuar duit banyak.....

zulaikhazainol said...

yup2. although under scholarship pun kn. but still kne syukor!kang x psl2 jpa x ngaku anak. haha

Rhazes said...

i can agree more
why the silver spoon is fat?
so if money can buy happiness,
start saving :)

zulaikhazainol said...

no money no saving la bro. haha

kinkin said...

agreed. sngt bnyk duit habis. rasa cam kalu x belajar betul2, sangat guilty.

n JPA, i want new lappy too!

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam ramadhan dari ex-kmbian di bumi eire.. blog hopping.. rajin2, meh laa lompat2 ke my blog.. :)

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