Thursday, May 21, 2009

sooner than it seems

2 years of my 19 years of life spent in KMB,
which is approximately only 10 %.
yet what I experienced
was probably more than that.
and when I say 'experience',
i meant both the bright side and the darker side.

It would be insufficient to summarize two whole years in words and pictures. But at least it marks the beginning of the end. Although KMB is not as laid-back as what most of us think a college would be, I still think it keeps a portion of my heart. Awww. How sweet. But this time around, it's not just shhweet, it's also true. (^^,)


M07F. great joy.

to be old and wise, we must first be young and stupid.
and i always prefer the latter. =)

the troublemakers in the lab.

london. ohh how fake, girls. haha

told you i prefer the latter. =)

cherishing our last days together.

taska. now and forever.

singapore trip. man we do spend a lot. ($,$)

Interactive Peers. camping with the leeches~

kawad@kuala nerang

I love the skies in KMB, I wonder if it looks the same at home.
breathtaking sky every evening. all thanks to Him.

above all, He sent me away, knowing that two great people
will always accompany me from afar. =)

the moment my uncle's car left the boundaries of KMB
it feels like it was just yesterday
when the same car entered to sent me off for registration.
Lovely Miss Syik once said,
"People, no need to say goodbye,
coz i know i'll see you around."

Yeah. We'll still see each other around. End of IB, not the end of the friendship.
To everyone, thanks for the memories.

But still, untuk kali ini, selamat tinggal KMB. :)


adlan wafi said...

oooo...u gave me goosebumps O_o

Aisyah Ismail =) said...

dear ika

aisya x sempat jumpa n salam ika on the last day.. tah ble kan kte bersua lagi.. anyways.. aisyah mintak maaf atas segala salah silap.. n it;s really nice to know u.. =)

tolong la jaga rumate u kat ireland nnt k hehe

n last word from me.. moga istiqamah (9:111) thanks for every single thing too~

p/s: sorry again gak coz lewat pulangkn baju pengantin u hihi

zulaikhazainol said...

adlan, i had goosebumps writing this post too! haha. funny how fast time flies. (",)

dear aisya,
thanx for everything too
it's a pleasure knowing u (:

actually izzi's the one taking care of me haha
wish me luck! =)

Rhazes said...

x de goosebumps pn
chicken bump je ade r

Dyg Nina said...

so ur IB, its over and done with?
lama tak dgr crita
where to next? Ireland?
goodluck ika mika!

zulaikhazainol said...

to ali
haha goosebumps lagi mngerikan =p

to dayang mayang
gosh lme x dgr crita jugak
i know u're in new zealnd already
n here i am still in gud old m'sia
yup yup yup
finished IB, once and for all!!woohoo~
wish me luck!(^o^)

iRa DiDi said...

gonna miss u kak ika! n of course u roommate too..


may Allah be with u guys always..

zulaikhazainol said...

didi!miss u too!
buat EE leklok hehe =p

Rhazes said...

nak mis mis konon