Friday, April 10, 2009

It's fate.

You don't get anything for free

People say He looks at your effort

If you work hard, you'll get what you want

If you don't, then you won't

But what if we work hard and we don't get what we want

Then some would call it unfair

I would probably call it unfair too

But is it really unfair?

When everything is written ever since the Earth is created

Some are destined to get grade 7 for Maths
even though he sleeps most of the times

Some are destined to fail even though he works his socks off

"Things happened for a reason"

Easier said than done, and how many actually believe in
"Things happened for a reason"

especially when they are the ones tested with failure

Fate is something very subjective, not within our power to control it

And of course, our fate is already written

But that does not mean we don't have to do anything
and just wait for what tomorrow has in store

As our fate is a mystery, we just have to make sure that we did our best,
before the mystery unravels, as whatever we have worked out,
no matter how small, will be valued.

"Setiap bencana yang menimpa di bumi dan yang menimpa dirimu sendiri, semuanya telah tertulis dalam kitab (Lauh Mahfuz) sebelum Kami mewujudkannya. Sungguh, yang demikian itu mudah bagi Allah.

Agar kamu tidak bersedih hati terhadap apa yang telah luput darimu dan tidak pula terlalu gembira dengan apa yang diberikan-Nya kepadamu. Dan Allah tidak menyukai setiap orang yang sombong dan membanggakan diri"

alHadid, 57:22-23


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