Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apa yang penting.



super freezing cold weather
extra muddy and slippery trail
multiple scratches and bruises
painful fall-s
torn pants
white-turn-black sport shoes
smelly stinky clothes
muscles hurting like crazy

so fellow M07F-ians, what make our trip this time an unforgettable wonderful experience?
answer: all the above.

Although it seems like we tortured ourselves by joining this expedition, I believe that all of us agree that this would be one of the best-est thing we have ever done in college. And perhaps in our life. What's gonna work, teamwork! Goooo wonderpets!

Gunung Irau is a breathtaking creation of God. The rain
y and freezing climate in Cameron Highlands had never stopped us from enjoying the beauty of the untouched nature, except for the fact that it's reaalllly muddy. All the greenery, the moss, the trees, simply beautiful. Now the royal highness shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking~

the great team of 12 wonderpets.

Huge thanks to Khidir's family.
And to my fellow classmates, we rock!

p/s: Now it's time for IB!


iman said...

wish i couldve tagged along :P

adlan wafi said...

krg ni bagos la. suka panjat2...;)

Rhazes said...

suke panjatkn markah gak

zulaikhazainol said...

iman n adlan,
haha this is like a break from gud old IB. although we practically threw ourselves in such challenge, kne panjat2, jatuh2, koyak2, calar2. hahah (^o^)

pnjtkn markah tu certain org jek. me excluded hahah =pe

=====Hidayat===== said...


hi zu,

hidayat ni.. =), hope u still remember me..
nway, i just start blogging.. no post yet, but feel free to visit ok...

p/s: cantiknye nature die..aku anak jati cameron , tapi x pernah pon g hutan yg cantik camtu.... rase nk g plak..

zulaikhazainol said...

salam dayat,
of course i remember u
xkn la x ingt one of the great debaters of smap haha

hah br ak ingt ko tgal kt cameron kn? x penah promote pn kt ktorg dlu yg cameron ni byk gunung cntik =p

zaid jasmin said...

style la gambar pak cik yang tgh duduk tu...huhu

zulaikhazainol said...

to la guide ktorg
mmg cool abes r haha

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