Sunday, February 08, 2009

Off to Aussie.

I had the chance to send our dearest Safwan off to Australia.
Adelaide University, architecture.

He was my classmate during std 5 and 6, the smart one.(^o^)
Yeah, it's been ages.

It's fun to know how much we've grown up, leading our own way now.
And gosh, just look at how tiny I am standing beside Z and Safwan.
They've grown into giants already!

This is Z. And he has a twin named F. (^o^)

Z and Safwan. Fly fly. (^o^)

Unfortunately, only Z and I was there at KLIA.
And we spent quite some time updating
new stories
and recalling our childhood memories.
Others send their warmest regards;
including Zhafri, Liyana, Fathiah, Azreena and Alee.

I miss those good old days in Seri Permai. (1997-2001)
And I hope whatever we've built during those times will last forever.
Glad to know that everyone are still the ones I know back then.

May Allah bless us all with happiness, and patience, to help us through life.
All the best in whatever you're doing! Take care Safwan!

p/s: reunion coming up, now that everyone's studying in KL. =p