Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bila mulut kata OK.

a two-letter word that consumes almost none of the

energy you gained from a plate of nasi lemak this morning.
Of course, so zulaikha, whatsda fuss over 'OK' huh?

Basically, there shouldn't be any fuss over the word 'OK'. But somehow, I just feel that it does have a significance.

Ask somebody "How are you?", and they would probably say "I'm OK".
The person might be suffering from a terrible fever but to not worry you, they said they're OK,
but a person might be in fine health, they said they're OK and they really mean it.

Ask somebody to help you with something, and they would say "OK".

The person might want to help you sincerely,
but some might simply say OK just to please you.

Ask somebody "How do I look?", and they would say "You look OK".

The person would probably say OK
coz they couldn't care less on the way you look,
but a person might say OK coz they like you the way you are.

Ask somebody to comment on your academic performance,
and they would say "Everything seems OK for you".
Then you go crazy thinking about it because your friends received longer comments with detailed explanation on how well they did, or how they should improve themselves to the better.

Does "OK" mean 'average', or simply the 'best'?

You realize you've broken someone's feeling and you apologize and the person said "OK".
Is he/she really OK with what you've done?

Then I'll be wondering how OK is OK? See, OK is such an ambiguous word.

p/s: This one goes straight in the brain and in the heart ;)

"And whatever affliction befalls you,
it is on account of what your hands have wrought,
and (yet) He pardons most (of your faults)."

Don't worry I'm OK, except for the fact that someone reminded me that the IB finals is 95 days from now.


Anonymous said...

OK? Huhuhu, macam article aku je kat blog aku. Visit la ye (kalau ada masa lapang).

zulaikhazainol said...

haha what a coincidence.

xpe r kire consider post ni response to your OK article =p

adlan wafi said...

are u OK?


majin said...

Maybe u shud take a look from the tOK perspective.

Naah it depends on the people.

zulaikhazainol said...

couldn't agree more.
different people have their own way of interpreting the word "OK", TOK-ly speaking.
haha =p

I'm OK adlan, so how OK am I to you when I said I'm OK?
ok, what a mess.haha (^o^)

majin said...

Go ask ur tok teacher then =)

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