Sunday, November 23, 2008

Letting go.

Innocent. Hilarious. Cute. Adorable. Sweet. Talkative.

This group of humans created by God has never failed to lighten up my day.

Involving in the Taska Sayangku club was never in my intention. Even the moment the list of new members was announced after the interviews did not actually put me in a state of euphoria. I was like, “ dedicated for kids in the kindergarten? Ok, tak salah to give it a try for CAS hours”.

We organized weekly activities every Wednesday. It was undeniably tiring. But their smiles shoved it away.

We conducted a trip to Petrosains. It wasn’t easy, dealing with the kindergarten teacher who is rather….overprotective I would say. But the day we spent together picnicking and chasing the kids (not to mention controlling their hyperactive nature) in front of Suria KLCC burns away all the stress.

We helped with the Sports Day. There are times when everything seemed so wrong. But their screams of joy and excitement eliminate all the uneasiness we felt throughout the preparation.

The day when we selected new members, and the day when I resigned from my post in the club, it was then that I realized how valuable the club is to me and all the Taska peeps.

Even though some might say I’m not the kind of person who is fond of children, never for a second I felt burdened when I’m with the kids. It’s true that there are some of them who are very persuasive and emotional,
but we just get over it most of the time. We’re like one big happy family, the kids and the “abang-abang” and “kakak-kakak” taska.

Well, I guess it’s time to let go of the club, now that we’ve officially resigned. But I will always try to spend my Wednesday at the taska whenever I’m free, although the juniors are the ones handling the activities.

Trust me, kids can always do us wonders. The way they make us forget our workloads by playing a simple game of “a-e-i-o-u” or perhaps just by talking to them. It’s just wonderful.

That’s why I said Allah blessed us with happiness by cheering up the world
with the little ones.=)