Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our day out.

Woohooo. what a day. 9.30 to 5.30pm. Thanks mama!
Went out with Ila to Queensbay Mall.
Her 1st time on the Penang Bridge. Well my friend, welcome to Penang!

Arrived at 9.30am. Most of the outlets were still closed.
Spent more than an hour at kill time.
Met a few KMB peeps.
Window-shop.It's called RETAIL THERAPY =)
Spent an hour at Borders while waiting for the movie.
Read Dina Z
aman's I am and enlightening.
2.15.into GSC. and we left the cinema halfway through the movie.grrrr..

what to do.the camera loves us.(^o^)
Can you believe that?
Halfway through the movie we escaped.What a waste of money.Ka-ching.
It's because of the movie. Should've chosen a BETTER one that is worth our money.($,$)
Sorry people, we're not being conservative here.
I'm almost 18 already ok.haha~

It touches the sensitivity of religions. And btw, I hate dirty jokes. I hate dirty jokes.
I don't understand why humans are turning into less sensible creatures day by day.hmm..

Lesson to be learnt: Do a brief research on the movie you plan to watch. Oh yeah.