Monday, June 30, 2008

Masjid Sunway.

And the amazing group of KMBians.

All 15 of us decided to agree to join a program held by our naqibahs at Masjid Sunway, as part of their monthly activities of conducting a daurah (it’s very much like usrah, but in a larger group, where there’ll be ceramah and discussion on Islam =)).

It started on Friday but because some of us have IELTS classes on Saturday, we decided to go together after the class, which is at 5 p.m. Imagine 15 of us, travelling from Banting to Putrajaya, then to KL Sentral, then to Sunway. Macam rombongan cik kiah. And we arrived at the Masjid all messy and tired at around 11p.m. Wahahaha.. But with eyes still wide open, the talk given by Kak Yeni (if I’m not mistaken) from Indonesia was very much informative, even though we only catch the last bits of it.

I daresay that I’m afraid to take up the challenge to be the one handling the weekly usrah in college, but people like Kak Yeni inspire me to be one. You get the chance to talk about Islam in a very open manner with your fellow friends at a given time every Friday, all approved by the college administration. That should make it easy as we don’t have to run around finding time to conduct a session.

At the daurah, I heard a story about a man named Khabbab bin Al-Arat. He is a very determined man I would say, looking at his courage to learn about Islam. Khabbab Al-Arat is a frequent guest of our Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h, visiting Rasulullah to ask questions on the new religion back then. He even waited for Rasulullah from dawn up till midnight just to learn. Just to learn, and to know. Nowadays, even in my college, knowledge comes to you, when it should be the other way round. Every Friday a specific time is arranged for us to join usrah, and that’s the only time we can get to discuss on Islam, even though some of us regard it as not important and refuse to come. Haiyaa~

A snippet from Surah Al-Fusilaat.

And who is better in speech than he who says: “My Lord is Allah (believes in His Oneness),”and then stands firm (acts upon His Order) and invites (men) to Allah’s (Islamic monotheism), and does righteous deeds, and says: “I am one of the Muslims.”


And I am one of the Muslims.


iman ka said...

i think kn zulaikha, korang kene lasso me la. :p

zulaikhazainol said...

hehe I have to tighten up the lasso on myself jugak.together we lasso!=)