Friday, March 14, 2008

Holiday, no more.

Ok the week's over. I'll have to head back to college on Sunday. Even though it's been a week already, this mid-semester break is like super-duper-seriously-so-very-very-freaking short. short. short.

Penang, i'll be back on the semester break in MAY. MAY. that's like 2 months away. =(

Hello, one week is not enough for a vacation, a list of would-be Research Question-s for EE (IB folks should understand the pressure), and a pile of already-finished homework.
I haven't met my supervisor personally. Uh-oh, i smell danger there. Ok ok i'll meet her with my RQ after this break. And i'm freaking sure it will be rejected.

Chemistry's geting tougher, same goes to Biology (Maths for sure lah), and Economics too.
After SPM, i was relieved to say buh-bye to Physics, and History, and EST, those are KILLER subjects to me. Then after starting the IB Diploma, there comes Economics. Another subject to worry about.

Will add more babbling-s later. Wish me luck, and courage and bravery (lame i know),to face the Extended Essay and the upcoming BUSIER life after this mid-sem break.

To SPM leavers 2007, all the best!=)


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