Saturday, March 01, 2008

Amal Islami 2008.

Gosh its been like ages since I last updated my blog.
Last week my whole class went to Selesa Hillhomes Resort, Pahang for Amal Islami, its like 'kem ibadah'.
I learned a lot, from how to handle jenazah, a 'mini umrah' practical and also the right way to 'sembelih' a chicken. People, I HELD the CHICKEN while a friend of mine sembelih! It was freakin cool as I get really nervous holding it while the chicken tried to escape. All this while my grandpa's the one who used to do it. The camp was a total blast as it was like a class project and plus I was 'blessed' with crazy classmates!

the girls of M07F. (^o^)v

ayam yang bakal disembelih =)camera-obsessed homo sapiens. =p

umrah. best!=)