Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pak Teh's wedding

It's always fun to balik kampong, especially when my cousins and I get to 'rempit' around Bukit Merah (Perak) with their super-cool motorbikes! haha~
We went back to Bukit Merah for Iduladha last week and plus this year Pak Teh (my mom's younger brother) is getting married! Iduladha was on Thursday and Pak Teh's kenduri was on Saturday. The whole family balik kampong to help with the zillion tasks need to be done before the kenduri.

We held a qurban on Friday, and the kids were kinda shocked to watch it 'live'. I always LOVE a kampong-style wedding, coz this is when all the villagers come together to cook, set up all the khemah-s, and mama get to catch up with her old friends. Even I get to meet my 'far-away' relatives, which I haven't get the chance to know before this. I met my late grandpa's siblings and also a few 2-pupu and 3-pupu.

I was busy taking photos and videos of the guests and the couple, what happens is I only have 2 or 3 photos of myself.LOL. It was fun tho, candid-ing people here and there.
Our family wore purple attires, to match with Pak Teh smashin' purple baju melayu and Mak Teh elegant kebaya. Pictures comin up later yah!