Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday.fun fun.

Holiday till early next year.yaay!
No homework.what a miracle!
Just a British drama I need to watch for my oral presentation next semester, and we were asked to try to imitate the British accent. Other than that, no homework!
Unless if you count the revision and stuff an excellent student would do to burn the time.
haha I have BETTER things to do weeeeeee~

xx watch movies. every single one i've missed while i'm in Banting.
xx sleeeeeppp..that is to cover my sleepless nights,weeks before okay =)
xx lepak at Queensbay with Liyana and Ifa and KD, there are so much to gossip about ok people!
xx and there's a few stuff i have to buy. I'll think about it later.

For the time being, that's what i'm lookin forward to.
ooh btw, I've just came back from Cameron Highlands last week. (I know I've been there 2 weeks before, this time it's a family trip) I'll update the photos later.


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