Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Tomorrow we'll be starting a whole new year. 2008. and I'll face my nightmare when I go back to college. Results of the 1st semester exam will be out when we get there. freakin out! I remembered how I answered my super-susah economics paper. I don't think I did well for econs.
I thought on this semester break I'll be able to have my driving license. Tapi tak sempat. We've been busy with kenduri here and there and abah's working. So I guess I'll have it after finishing my IB diploma programme, which will be on 2009. oh so tragic!
I went out with Liyana to queensbay mall today. There were discounts EVERYWHERE! (why ade discount?why?why? it will lead to ke-boros-an ok =p). For the first time we practically enjoyed ourselves macam orang baru habis spm, without worrying too much on our exams. She bought herself a brand new Vincci watch, and another one for her brother, and they only cost Rm24 each. and a pair of toms white pants really caught my eyes, plus it has 50% discount scarred on the price tag. Come-on la. who would resist kan? Just blame the mall for having terlalu banyak discount ok.

we're so in love. lalalalala~ =p

shaky shaky. Ika and Liyana.

see? discounts.shoes are made for buying. aha!

2008 resolutions:
xx to be a good girl.
xx to finish up my CAS hours.
xx to do well for next sem's exam.
xx to keep in touch with my old classmates (currently scattered all around the globe. aku je ke kat malaysia? =( )
xx the rest, i'll just keep in mind.

My uncles and aunts and cousins will come to our place tonight for a barbeque! so gonna be fun.

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