Sunday, October 21, 2007


This year we spent the first raya at Bayan Lepas, so that we can celebrate it with our dearest grandma, after she had stroke earlier this year. My whole family, the theme for this year is majestic gold.LOL. Abah and Ayit wore yellowish gold baju melayu, and us fantastic 4 wore striking gold baju kurung. No picture in our baju raya this year as my sisters disappeared as soon as their partner-in-crime arrived (my cousins! =p). Mama and Abah were also busy. In the evening we went back to Bukit Merah, to ‘raya’ with my mom’s family. Then we held a barbeque! Complete with a karaoke set haha. I was totally enjoying myself. 3rd day raya, went to Queensbay, shop shop!

Yesterday mama invited the whole family for a barbeque at our house. The women cook, and the men grill.LOL. And the best part is, we played netball at the compound of my house. Actually it’s not netball, it’s netball+basketball+dodgeball+volleyball. Haha! Apiq (my cousin), Ayit ( my lil bro), Pakcik and I were in the same team, against Alip, Adib, Adam and Ariessa. The game should be called that way as Pakcik and Alip NEVER obey the rules in netball. They dodge, they dunk, and they do whatever they can to get the ball into the net! Main tipu! Tapi
x kesah coz our team won!! 15-14 yaay!!

Us. 3rd day Raya.(^^,)

Pakcik pantang dpt mic(^^,)

BBQ at Bukit Merah, Perak.(^^,)

Irfan Danish. He's so cute!!

BBQ at our place.Bertam (^^,)

Ika. Makcik Miza. Anis Syafinas.(^^,)

Norman and the twins (Aiman and Aiqal) = the 3 musketeers!

Alip and Awib. eat eat eat!

Alhamdulillah x hujan =))

Tiang netball itu menjadi saksi kemenangan kami!LOL~

This year I didn’t get the chance to visit and hang out with my friends, Liyana, KD, Ifa, Dalila. Liyana went back to KYUEM on the 3rd day of Raya. On the 1st day of Raya, luckily my grandma house was nearby KD’s, but while I was in Penang, she’s in Kedah. And when she got back to Penang, I was in Perak.huhu~ Ifa went back to Kelantan and Perlis. Tak penah nak lekat kt Penang!(^^,) And Dalila, obviously I can’t meet her, she’s in Indonesia. Hopefully our end-of-year holiday will ‘clash’ ok! Then we can hang out at Queensbay!!!yippee~

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