Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ramadhan-ku di Banting.

Counting days to go back to Penang hehe..this coming Friday!!can’t wait. With all the raya songs on most of the radio channels, the ‘raya’ spirit is flaming man! My friends and I, every time we hear these blissful raya songs, we sing our hearts out!! Almost 2 weeks fasting in MCB is tiring yet enjoyable, even some of the non-Muslims were fasting as well. We’re allowed to go to the bazaar outside once a week, but on weekdays, we have our own bazaar. A few clubs set up their stalls to raise fund for their respective clubs. The spirit of Ramadhan is clearly portrayed at the bazaar, and also at night, during tarawih. The college organized a big event, the ‘Ifthorul Jami’i’, where everybody bukak puasa together including the teachers and staff. Meriah beb!way back from bazaar

bazaar @Banting

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