Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marchers unite!=p

Having the chance to ‘run away’ from IB for 3 days was nothing but fantastic!! The hectic life back here in MCB definitely forms this ‘eagerness’ for holidays and no-homework days.LOL. I joined the marching team to represent the college in a Merdeka celebration in Kedah. There’re 33 of us, crazy IB students in a bus, heading to Kedah. We stop thinking about all our homework, lab reports, presentations, everyone start losing their stressed brains. The crazy boys sang nasyid, and there’s a ‘teka-teki’ session, where we exchanged silly and extremely hilarious teka-teki-s.haha~ When night falls (scary haha),and everyone was too tired of sleeping, they started telling creepy stories. Imagine the fun! We went on Thursday until Sunday, meaning we get to 'escape' classes on Friday, and our kind teacher gave us one extra holiday on Monday. pheww~
But hello, we went there not just for fun. There were altogether 15 contingent, consisting of MARA stud
ents (my love for JPA is unbeatable ok =p). After only 3 days of exhausting practice with the Malaysian Air Force ‘flight sarjan’, we managed to get the 3rd place. For the patriotic singing competition we were at the 4th place. The outcome of practising at the eleventh hour. Cool what? For making the college proud (duhh~), each members of the marching team were given a ‘MCB-champion T-shirt’, collectors’ item, limited edition ok. Even though we look like ‘Nemo’ (the colour is bright orange anyway), the enjoyable trip to Kedah was extremely fun, leaving unforgettable precious memories.

the winning faces! =))

told you they were crazy

the day

final touch


Kuala Nerang, Kedah

The girls

The boys