Monday, August 27, 2007

Rumah Berkat, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

During the mid semester break, i went to HKL to do some charity work. It was fun, tapi sgtla penat. Due to the almost overloaded photos at my friendster page (haha mcm la byk sgt =p), it'll be more organised if I place all the pictures I took at Rumah Berkat here.
and fyi, Rumah Berkat is a temporary shelter for homeless patients who have been discharged from the hospital ward. The sight of Rumah Berkat was quite touching, with some of the patients abandoned by their own children.

the family. Rumah Berkat 2007.

'spread the love' (^o^)

tekun buat kad raya.hehe~

pediatric ward. even the baby pun takut dgn sifat penyayang manusia2 ini haha~

end of our visit. sangat best!