Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Procrastinator.

Once upon a time, there lives a girl who likes to procrastinate her assignments. haha~

Six month break really had a big impact on me. I tend to forget simple things, even my homework. I know the best way is to finish it up right away once you have free time. But I always tell myself,”I’ll do it later.”..later..and..later..

One day our English teacher gave us a homework and the next morning I was like, “what homework?” I was lucky enough when my teacher told us we don’t have to hand in the assignment.

Zulaikha, wake up!! dush!dush!

Luckily I remember to finish up the Biology lab report and my Maths tutorial homework. People, you can’t run away from doing Maths everyday, or else you’ll end up with lots and lots of question mark in your head. I regret for abandoning Maths for the past 6 months, now it’s kinda hard to ‘retrieve’ all those data, what more is it’s in English!!oh yeah~

One more thing, I suggest the 'MCB koperasi' (mini grocery store =p) stop selling chocolates!They sell cadbury, kinder bueno, snickers, and lots of chocs. Everytime I go there all those stuff are like 'flirting' me to buy them. So this is my latest addiction.

cadbury bytes. nyum nyum.(^o^)